Who and what does Eco Series do?

FXI, maker of the Eco Series Mattresses, has made a commitment to the environment with its unique line of mattresses. Each Eco Memory Foam Mattress they build is plant based, eco-friendly, and incredibly breathable for a comfortable night of quality sleep.

Eco 1

From the bamboo-rayon fabric cover to the cushion inner foam, every Eco is environmentally friendly. With its firm, comfortable feel, Eco 1 is no exception. In fact, the Eco 1 is our firmest mattress, gradually reshaping to fit your body for optimum comfort.

Eco 2

With multiple layers of resilient foam and memory foam, Eco 2 gently adjusts to your shape for a softer touch to firm support. You feel it the moment you lay on it – responsive support, pure comfort, and a great night’s sleep. And because it’s an Eco, it’s earth friendly. So your mind can rest as well as your body.

Eco 3

Do no harm. Not to the earth, and not to your body. The Eco3's extra layers of blended resilient and memory foams will smoothly cradle your body for a deeper, more restful sleep for you and less stress for the planet.