Royal-Pedic -- The Healthy Luxury Mattress

Royal Pedic has been dedicated to promoting healthful sleep for over 60 years. Through combining the finest natural and hypoallergenic materials from around the world, with expert hand craftsmanship, our mattresses have comforted film celebrities, Presidents of the U.S., royalty and sports superstars. Not because of who they are, but for what they want — a restful, re-energizing, truly good night’s sleep so they can feel good and perform at their best.

Royal-Pedic utilizes the most premium natural ingredients imaginable — elegant Belgian cotton fabrics, untreated wool from the south of France, natural latex manufactured in England and pristine long fiber cotton grown in the USA.

Layering Staple Cotton

Layers of premium quality, staple cotton padding ensure a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. Our cotton is pre-compressed and hand-tufted so you won’t get lumps or shifting of materials. We use only the finest cotton batting from California and Texas. Natural materials ventilate body heat and provide greater durability than polyurethane foam – the main padding ingredient found in other mattresses.

We do not use polyurethane due to its limited ability to provide consistent body support over time – the foam cells weaken and collapse with use causing significant indentations in the mattress in many cases, which affects overall back support and comfort. For health reasons we choose to use natural materials instead of polyurethane foam. The human body is like a 98.6 heater that, in combination with polyurethane padding, can trigger allergic, respiratory, and chemical reactions in some people. We look foward to providing you with the healthiest, most comfortable and durable mattress possible.


We use state-of the-art sewing machinery to ensure the sewing of your mattress is done with exact precision for comfort and durability. Meticulously sewing the binding tape onto the edge of the mattress, we make our mattress for our customers with the same care we would use if we were making them for ourselves.

Hand Tufting

Inner padding of our mattress is hand tufted, compressing it for exceptional orthopedic back support and minimizing body impressions. Hand tufting is a process our company founder, Abe Kaplan learned back in the 1930’s while working for Heals of London, a premiere mattress maker, who at the time made mattresses for the Royal Family of England. It takes our skilled craftsman much longer to make one of our custom made, hand tufted mattresses, but quality has always been more important to our company than how many we can make in a day.

Most other brands of mattresses are not tufted. The padding materials in these “generic construction” mattresses are merely secured to the perimeter edges of the mattress. The advantage of tufting is less body impressions in the mattress because the padding is pre-compressed with the tufting straps, rather than just resting on the surface.

Box Spring

Our Royal-Pedic Box Springs are the most comfortable and durable available: We provide 50% more coils in the center-third of our box spring for extra support where it’s needed the most (about 60% of our body weight is located in our torso area). Our springs are an extra durable 8 3/4″ gauge thickness of wire compared to an average 9 1/2″ to 10″ gauge wire used by others. Our box spring units last for many, many years. The coils are double heat tempered to resist sagging and provide more durability. Double heat tempering is when the coils are baked in an oven, cooled down and then baked in the oven again. The number of coils we use in our box spring unit is 22% more than the industry standard. This higher coil count results in more coils that are closer together, providing additional support for the mattress to prevent lumps in the mattress from developing. The foundation we use to mount our coil springs is an extra wide slat version to provide more support for the coil to rest on – the same width of slat that is required for hotels for the assurance of superior durability.

We use a wire system called the Webster Lock Grid System to keep the coils in place. Steel wire is woven throughout the tops of the coils to secure the coil in place to eliminate the possibility of any lateral movement.

The Finest Long Staple Cotton Grown in California and Texas

The cotton padding we use is of the highest grade, normally only used in custom made, high-end upholstered furniture. Using the longer cotton fibers blended together to make layers for the mattresses insures there will be a consistent, supportive sleeping surface so you won’t get lumps. In addition, we offer an organic option — the purest organic cotton available in the world.

Untreated Lamb’s Wool from France

The lamb’s wool provides a comforting natural fiber layer quilted underneath the cotton mattress covering. The lamb’s wool contains lanolin — a natural dust-mite repellent. The sheep live in wide open spaces, rather than being cooped up in a small space. The wool is cleaned in a soap-based, chemical free solution.

Royal-Flex® Innerspring System

Engineered in Switzerland, the Royal-Flex innerspring unit is the finest offset coil spring system available, with 85% more coils than is standard. These open ended, unknotted six turn coils are more flexible, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and minimum friction. The innerspring unit is double heat tempered, a process where the coils are baked in an oven, cooled, then baked again. The heat tempering process provides greater durability and resistance to sag.