How to Buy a Mattress

Your mattress is the building block to restful slumber.
Your mattress should provide:


When you lay on your mattress you should feel like you are floating on air. Your mattress should support your muscles in keeping your spine straight so you can wake up rejuvenated.


A good mattress will relieve pressure evenly and allow your body to relax. It should relieve tension, especially in the hips and shoulders allowing for a restorative experience.

Regulate Temperature

Wool, cotton, natural rubber latex foam are natural thermoregulators. This means that your mattress keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, regulating your temperature to your ideal, naturally.

Safe Sleeping Environment

You spend ⅓ of your life in bed. Your mattress should be free of Polyurethane foam and formaldehyde which are linked to respiratory problems, skin irritation and cancer. Instead, choose mattresses made of high quality natural materials. You want your sleeping environment to be pure and healthy for you and your family.

Movement Control

You want your mattress to respond to movement and minimize motion transfer. Look for mattresses made with either natural latex or individually pocketed coil systems that respond to the many different positions we sleep in throughout the night.