In addition to luxurious mattresses – like Kingsdown beds and OMI organic mattresses – we also carry natural and organic bedding here at Natural Sleep Mattress Store of Asheville. That’s because we believe every aspect of your sleep environment is important and worth giving thought to. 

 When it comes to our bed linens, most of us use a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. Well, in case you haven’t heard, certain people (we’re looking at you Gen Z) are less inclined to use a flat sheet these days. The folks at the Today Show went so far as to refer to flat sheets as “controversial bed linen.” 

Maybe you are among those who have decided using a flat sheet isn’t for you. Or maybe you are a European import and have brought the European fashion of only using a fitted sheet with you from the Old World. Either way, we would like to put in a good word for the fitted sheet and we ask that you keep an open mind. 

In Favor of Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are included in a standard set of sheets for a reason. Here are two compelling reasons to include one when you make your bed:

  1. They make laundry day easier. You have to admit, it is much easier to wash a flat sheet than a comforter. Using a flat sheet helps keep your comforter clean, too. And if you have a big fluffy comforter that has to be sent out for washing, that is a definitive advantage. 
  2. Flat sheets are useful in controlling temperature. In summer, sleeping with a top sheet actually helps you stay cooler, just as it helps you stay warmer in the winter. 

The folks at Sleep Junkie did some research on who was and wasn’t using a top sheet. According to their study, folks in St. Louis are the least likely to use a flat sheet. Why remains a mystery.

If you would like to debate the pros and cons of using a flat sheet with us, we invite you to visit Natural Sleep Mattress of Asheville or call 828-651-8900.